VIDEO: New Mom Is Lured By The Smell Of Food, But How They Save The Puppies? WOW

When a animal rescue group based out of Los Angeles was alerted of a homeless pit bull and her newborns stranded in an alcove underneath an abandoned home, they quickly leaped to action. Despite the apprehensiveness of new mothers toward strangers, the rescue group – appropriately called Hope for Paws – were well aware that the new puppies and their mother were unlikely to survive the perilous conditions.

In their hearts, they knew intervention was the only action to take. And when Hope for Paws drew the mother to their arms with welcome food and nourishment, she also knew in her heart that the group had good intentions. She was ready to be rescued and, once leashed, was given the name Sansa. The puppies were another matter, however, as they were not going to leave their small makeshift home beneath the abandoned house. Thus, the rescuers had to squeeze themselves into the alcove in order to save the pups.

It took a good deal of dedication, but Hope for Paws managed to retrieve all of the newborn puppies. They fostered the group together for awhile so they could ween naturally before being put up for adoption. Unfortunately, pit bulls have a unfairly negative reputation due to media scares. Pits are believed to be a breed that is inherently aggressive, but the actual evidence shows that they are no more naturally aggressive than the average dog. Many times they simply suffer from poor owners who push them to be so. While the puppies may find a new forever home, it remains a tough sell for Sansa, despite her caring and gentle nature – a characteristic illustrated clearly in how she responded to Hope for Paws.

There are things everyone can do to help, including volunteering to foster dogs until they’re adopted or donating to a local shelter.

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