VIDEO: Puppy Is Found Drenched And Dying In Tar Before His Guardian Angles Do THIS

Workers at India’s Animal Aid Unlimited were shocked when they were brought a 3-month-old puppy that a child had stumbled across. The skinny, deer-like pup had somehow fallen into some wet tar was was completely covered in the thick black goop, completely immobilized. The team of dedicated rescuers knew that time was of the essence and with the puppy’s life on the line, they set straight to work.

The first step was making sure that the distressed pup was hydrated by holding a steel bowl of cool water for him to lap from while the team organized their plan. One worker explained that they would cover him in vegetable oil from head to paw in order to soften the tar and make it easier to remove.

Four workers covered their hands in the oil and rubbed it gently over the puppy’s coated body while another provided comfort with soft head rubs and ear scratches and plenty of water throughout the process.

As the tar began to soften, hands and towels were stained black, but slowly the puppy’s limbs and tail were freed and he was able to stand upright in a tub of soap water. There he received his first bath, lathered in soap and rinsed before being bundled in a mound of soft towels and blankets.

He was snuggled and given a short rest before the process started over again, continuing until every last drop of tar had been removed and his long, fluffy fur was revealed at last.

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