VIDEO: He Points To Something Strange About The Meat. This Is A Warning To Anyone Who Eats Steak

There are some things about the meat industry that might make some people more than a little sick. One man pointed something out that was downright disgusting. It’s called meat glue. The man who made a video to show what this is works with BBQ, but the glue can be found in various kinds of meat.

When using this method, restaurants can easily pass off a filet mignon using only scraps of other kinds of meat. The customers think it’s the real thing, and the business can charge more because they call it an expensive cut of meat. The glue is really a powder. It’s sold by the kilo.

When used, it holds pieces of meat together that would ordinarily be thrown away or used in other dishes. It’s a binding agent to make scraps look like something they aren’t. This is a process that is seen across the country. No one really knows what’s in the meat and what’s in the powder that is binding the meat.

However, most of the glue is of natural enzymes and clotting agents. Chicken nuggets and roast beef sandwiches are often made with this kind of glue. Many businesses deceive customers by not telling them what is in the meal. Some grocery stores do label packages, but restaurants don’t usually disclose the information.

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