VIDEO: She Steps To The Microphone And Belts Out The Performance Of The Millennium!

A star was born when Amira Willighagen, a nine year old Dutch girl, gave an incredible singing performance that became widely seen on the internet. The performance was recorded on Holland’s Got Talent, a televised talent show for unknown, up and coming performers from Western Europe.

Her brilliant first place performance was even more stunning after it was revealed that Amira has had absolutely no formal musical training. The audience and the judges were stunned by her natural talent. Some of the judges were moved to tears by her performance.

Amire Willighagen’s performance went viral on the internet, becoming an international sensation. She received worldwide fame after her incredible rendition. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to her singing has propelled her career forward. Willighagen has now recorded a full fledged musical album featuring her singing a wide variety of songs. She has toured across the world, including in the United States and South Africa.

Willighagen appears to have a very promising career ahead of her in the music industry. Millions of people have been moved deeply by her beautiful rendition of “Mio Babbino Caro”. Check out the amazing video for yourself to find out what all of the buzz is about.

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