VIDEO: When He Takes A Piece Of White Bread And Flattens It, He Does THIS And It’s Genius! YUM!

What can be simpler than bread? Bread is the staff of life. It’s one of the earliest foods our ancestors learned how to make. It is also terribly ubiquitous is today’s world. White bread from the supermarket, for example, is frequently viewed as one of the most unoriginal and boring items one can purchase.

However, one video on the internet is quickly changing the perception of a slice of white bread. White bread doesn’t have to be used for boring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stuffed into a brown lunch bag. It also doesn’t just have to be the ingredient of choice for making a comforting grilled cheese sandwich. No, this video shows you how an ordinary slice of white bread can be transformed into something particularly culinary. It actually shows you how to turn a drab slice of white bread into a wrap for a spring roll!

The chef in the video shows you how easily you can make this transformation. All you have to do is cut the crusts off of a stack of white bread. Next, take each slice and roll it as flat as possible with a rolling pin.

You can then add your favorite spring roll fillings on top of each flattened slice. Roll up each spring roll, and use a little bit of water to help seal the rolls shut. Finally, fry the spring rolls in a little bit of oil. That’s it! Now you have one more great use for white bread. Impress your friends with this easy culinary hack today!

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