Alabama Lawmaker Will Has Some Very Bad News For A Republican Who Can’t Keep It In His Pants

Alabama Lawmaker Will Has Some Very Bad News For A Republican Who Can’t Keep It In His Pants

State assemblywoman Patricia Todd, a lesbian, is offended by the rhetoric of her GOP colleagues in the legislature following the state’s same-sex marriage ban being overturned in federal court.

Mrs. Todd views herself not as a paragon of virtue, but rather a person who has integrity and has been faithful in her committed relationships. In fact, she stated that no one can accuse her of breaking that sacred trust between people in an intimate relationship. In her view, her GOP colleagues who are vociferous in their stereotype-laden remarks about the LGBT community aren’t able to make the same statement about faithfulness.

Assemblywoman Todd believes that if a person is going to tout family values, a term largely denoting opposition to same-sex marriages, they should be absolutely circumspect and faithful in their marriages. At this point, any state legislature who continues to throw barbs at the LGBT community will face the potential of having their former or present extra-marital affairs made public.

For their part, liberals are relieved that a Democrat is pushing back against GOP attacks on the issue of same-sex marriages. However, it isn’t anything new. President Bill Clinton pushed back against GOP candidates who cast stones at him from a proverbial glass house. One such person was Louisiana congressman Bob Livingston.

In 1998, he was elected to be Speaker of the House succeeding Newt Gingrich. However, an affair made public by Democrat loyalist and pornographer Larry Flynt led to Livingston resigning before ever taking hold of the gavel. Todd admitted that she has no personal knowledge of any extra-marital affairs making her threats appear to be vapid.

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