VIDEO: Everyone Thought It Was A Normal Day At The Airport, Then Something Very Strange Happened

A performing arts company that goes by the name of “Living The Dream” is a group that is run by young people, for young people. On New Year’s Eve of 2015, over 100 of the group’s young dancers amazed commuters in an airport with a brilliant organized and choreographed flash mob dance display.

As flash mobbing is often stereotyped as being a form of harassment, especially due to past experiences among many onlookers, the group “Living The Dream” can certainly be a dissuading factor of such a stereotype.

The perfectly timed dance was brought in an onslaught shortly after an announcement within the airport was made in regards to its passengers keeping their eyes on their personal belongings for security purposes.

The dance began with an individual dancing in a very accurate dance impersonation of Michael Jackon’s dance “Billie Jean”. Shortly after the initial dance moves, an entire group joined in to a James Brown Song, which made it evident that the performance was indeed a group orchestrated flash mob display.

In contrast to many other types of flash mobbing, the onlookers had no problem with this performance as it was certainly a joyous experience for everyone to witness and be a part of.

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