Fox News Claims Rape Is Always The Females Fault And Their Reasoning Will Make You Sick

If a woman drinks alcohol and gets behind the wheel of a car, there is no question before the law and feminists that she is responsible for her behavior regardless of the level of her intoxication. However, if the same woman engages in sexual intercourse, the same feminists believe she bears no responsibility whatsoever, and any man believing they do is both a pig and guilty of blaming the victim. It is an interesting dichotomy where the same drunken woman would be completely responsible for her behavior behind a wheel, but not so if she gets falls victim to sexual violence or is involved in consensual intercourse.

This is the politically correct land mine that Bill Frezza, formerly a columnist with Forbes Magazine, stepped into when he stated that drunken females should be labeled as behaving irresponsibly instead of getting a pass if they are the victims of sexual assault.

Feminists and many others of the political Left tacitly admitted that there is only one way to view victims of sexual assault and that is to place 100% of the blame on the perpetrator.

While neither Frezza nor the Fox News hosts on the show “Outnumbered” were in any way absolving rapists, they all concurred that to for a woman to get herself into a situation where she is intoxicated beyond her ability to make rational decisions is irresponsible. The political Left categorizes this as blaming the victim.

In criticizing Fox News, the Left once again displayed a lack of education and inability to read words in context. The Fox News “Outnumbered” hosts Andrew Tantaros and Kirsten Powers simply acknowledged the obvious: drinking yourself silly is irresponsible. Curiously, the Left cannot understand that a woman can be irresponsible for getting herself drunk, and a person who takes advantage of her in that condition can also be 100% responsible for their actions.

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