Trump Demands Apology from America in Senile Online Meltdown

Trump Demands Apology from America in Senile Online Meltdown

One would think that with last week’s hearings requiring the former FBI Director James Comey to testify before Congress, President Donald Trump would make attempts to stay out of the spotlight and try to save some face. However, that would take quite a bit of restraint, which I am not convinced Donald Trump has.

President Trump resorted to his usual Twitter ramblings this morning, starting bright and early at around 6:30 AM. He used his Twitter platform to yet again complain about what he continues to call the “fake news media” and their “agenda of hate” which he has accused them of levying against him. The early morning tweet, naturally, began a rant into several differing topics, the child-like temper tantrum is just one area in which America should be ashamed of his actions.

The ranting and raging began as many people were just starting their day, from the comfort of his phone. The tweets took their standard course, as the president reiterated how unfairly he, an innocent victim, has been portrayed. It’s simply not fair for his racist ban against Muslim travel was struck down in the 9th Circuit Court, although Trump calling the proposal a “ban” is a move in the right direction. Next, he needs to admit that it is unconstitutional.

In one of his “fake news” tweets, the president went as far as demanding that the press issue and apology, as all he had done was report the facts. Besides criticizing the “fake news,” he made sure to praise the “real news,” which is just anyone (like FOX News) that only says what he wants to hear.

President Trump continued on his normal course and ended the tirade with an attack on his predecessor. Even with the majority of American’s believing that Trump’s American Health Care Act is a complete and total failure, Trump referred to Obamacare as a “death spiral,” regardless of the possibility that the Trumpcare replacement would result in millions of Americans losing their health care. He made sure to throw in a jab at “obstructionist” Democrats, mocking those who are resisting his healthcare efforts.

It is embarrassing, and frustrating that America has a leader that utilizes a social media platform to promote such childish behavior. It is hard to imagine that America’s reputation will survive a Trump presidency.

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