The Pope’s Parting Gift To Trump Says Everything

The Pope’s Parting Gift To Trump Says Everything

Political leaders and celebrities have made a tradition of visiting with the Pope for the purpose of exchanging gifts. At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio gave Pope Francis a book for a coffee table that contained paintings made by Hieronymus Bosch as a promotional feat for his upcoming documentary. The painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” is a central part of the movie’s inspiration about how the planet is on the verge of death. Pope Francis has taken a note from this moment of bravery on DiCaprio’s part in how he handled exchanging gifts with President Donald Trump.

Historically, presidents visit the Pope for numerous reasons, and the first visit is usually for the sake of breaking the ice. Again, gifts of respect and posterity are exchanged for the sake of building a lasting relationship with the Pontiff. No one is certain the exact reason behind this visit President Trump made, but the Pope apparently had a statement to make himself. He did this task in the form of what he gave President Trump as his parting gift.

The President Trump presented the Pope with a first edition volume of compositions by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In exchange, the Pope gave President Trump a single letter. This letter was a print out of a paper that was written in 2015 on the effects of climate change and how they are dangerous to the planet. The letter was packaged in a simple, manila envelope that was inconspicuous. Also, there are reports that the Pope gave President Trump a medal inscribed with an olive branch, which is an international symbol for peace.

Many people have various theories about what these gifts are really meant to symbolize. There are suspicious that the latter half of the gift, the medal containing the olive branch, is a typical token or souvenir from the Vatican. In some cases, it is suspected to be as common as tote bags are given as swag from other events.

As for the former part of the gift, the letter, people have mixed feelings about the message the Pope is trying to send. It has been clear from the beginning that the Pope is on the side of fighting for the environment. He possibly does not consider President Trump’s stance on environmental issues to be effect enough for the sake of protecting this world. On the other hand, he could be trying to give a polite gesture to cue the President to reconsider the stance he has already taken.

It is no little secret about how the Pope feels on the subject of climate change. He believes there is enough scientific evidence pointing to the fact that climate change exists. He also seems to believe that humans are the direct cause of this event occurring because of how most people live and how they treat the Earth. He, therefore, insists that nations must work together in order to lower the number of carbon emissions they place out each year.

Many people have been astounded by President Trump’s apparent beliefs on climate change, especially given how loudly voices like the Pope’s have impacted the boasting of research that says otherwise. President Trump has suggested budget cuts to eliminate climate incentives that are in place for people who use renewable forms of energy like windmills and solar panels. At the same time, he has also made threats to rescind the Unite State’s participation in the Paris Climate accords in the future.

There are many mixed messages people are gaining from the exchange of gifts between President Trump and the Pope. At the same time, there is one message that rings clearly: the Pope wants President Trump to rethink many of his decisions about climate change.

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