He Ignores His Mother For Years, When She Dies He Looks Inside Her Casket And Sees THIS

He Ignores His Mother For Years, When She Dies He Looks Inside Her Casket And Sees THIS

Former WWE and WCW wrestler Marc Mero has left fighting behind to tour the country promoting his nonprofit organization, Champion of Choices. Marc encourages people to live a positive life, explaining it is never too late to find redemption. On this particular day, Marc is speaking to middle school students about the dangers of not having a solid foundation and making bad choices.

Marc tells the story of his mother and how much she had supported him during his life, even when he was on a destructive path. He recalls many times growing up when he hung out with the wrong people, drinking and taking drugs. Yet, each night he came home, his mother was waiting up to make sure her son was safe. His mother tried many times to start a conversation with Marc, only to be dismissed by him. But, she never gave up.

In the quiet auditorium, the young 6th, 7th and 8th grade students listened intently. Marc recounts the night he received the most devastating call of his life. While on tour wrestling in Japan, Marc was woken up during the middle of the night by the phone ringing. When he answered, the voice on the other end told Marc his mother had passed away. Not knowing what else to do, Marc left his room and ran outside into the middle of the deserted street. He felt lost and full of regret.

Marc flew home, and funeral arrangements were made. At the funeral it took Marc a very long time to approach his mother’s casket. When he did, he noticed how beautiful she looked. Looking down at her, he also realized that he would give anything to have one last conversation with her. Just like his mother always wanted to have with him.

By this time, most of the students are silently sobbing in their seats, tears streaming down their faces. Here is when Marc’s message really hits home. He explains to them that he realized too late that he had all of the love and support he needed from his family. He was just too blind and immature to see it back then. He wanted fame, fortune and to party. He pushed his mother away to achieve it.

But, all that he had also drove him down a destructive path. It was not until much later that he could see that the people around him were using him for who he was. It took his mother’s death for Marc to finally understand that the people who truly loved him were always there supporting him, even when he was not willing to except it.

Marc tells the students to embrace their family, even when they embarrass them, because they are the people who truly love you and will truly support you. Not for what you have but for who you are.

Marc will always have the regret of not being able to see or talk with his mother one last time before she died, but his message of hope, love and family is an inspiring way to keep her memory alive.

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