Donald Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote A Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters

Donald Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote A Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters

Donald Trump has been dominating the news and much of the national conversation about politics ever since he announced he was running for president under the Republican banner. His campaign has a seemingly impossible ability to keep rising despite a constant stream of scandals and problems that would have sunk any other candidate. Trump supporters are so fervent about the candidate that they clearly state there is nothing he could do to lose their support. Racist, misogynistic and ignorant statements from Trump just cause his poll numbers to go up. He blindly accepts support from the Ku Klux Klan and white nationalists. None of this seems to hurt his poll numbers.

A major complaint about the Trump campaign is that it is short on details and policy specifics. Trump also appears to know very little about the world, the government and the military. This was revealed when he gave a 90-minute interview to the New York Times about foreign policy. Trump displayed a disturbing lack of knowledge about even the most basic things overseas. He had bizarre foreign policy ideas that upset world leaders later. Trump even went so far as to suggest that a nuclear arms race in Asia would be fine. He continued to display his ignorance after recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Belgium.

Trump sent a tweet out after the attacks in Pakistan claiming he was the only person who could stop them from happening. This strange and unclear statement finally caused Stephanie Cegielski to turn away from Trump. Cegielski was the communications director for a political action committee, also called a super PAC, for Trump. The super PAC has since been disbanded. Cegielski decided that it was time to inform Trump supporters about what she saw from the inside while working on behalf of the candidate.

Cegielski makes it clear that Trump never actually wanted to be president. His initial goal was to poll well and come in second place to someone else like Jeb Bush. The actual purpose of the candidacy was to improve Trump’s image and give him more leverage in the business world. His personal worth would be elevated if he were a strong Republican presidential contender. The problem Cegielski saw was that Trump started to rise to the top and became unstoppable. She does not even believe Trump expected that to happen. The problem now appears to be that Trump has bought into his own rhetoric about himself. His ego is driving the campaign now.

Cegielski goes on to say that Trump does not care about the country, his supporters or even his numerous wives. Trump is looking out for himself alone and his best interests only. She accuses him of using supporters and the media in shameless ways. She also claims he will drop them or betray them in a second if it will benefit himself or his business organization in some way. Cegielski closes by asking supporters to take a hard look at Trump. She wants people to see the empty suit without realistic policy ideas, no details and no qualifications to be president.

Trump has already responded by saying Cegielski was part of an independent super PAC and has no internal knowledge of his campaign. Whether Trump supporters will be swayed by the letter remains to be seen. It appears that it will just be ignored or written off as propaganda from another campaign. This is because hardcore Trump supporters are in a type of abusive cult. They believe only what Trump says because everyone else is just out to get him. The letter from Cegielski confirms what many people who do not back Trump already suspected.

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