109-Year-Old Woman Has Secret For Long Life: Avoid Men

Living to be 100 or older is uncommon, and those who are fortunate enough to reach that ripe old age often have wise bits of advice to pass on. In the case of Jessie Gallan, a 109-year-old Scottish woman, that wisdom included eating oatmeal regularly and keeping away from men. Gallan talked about her life during an interview with the Daily Mail in early 2015.

The woman said she was independent early on, leaving home at age 13 to milk cows for a living. Gallan firmly believed in hard work and claimed she rarely ever took a vacation.

As for men, she said they were not worth the trouble and misery, and she avoided them by keeping to herself and not getting married. She added that she never felt the need for a family and was perfectly happy being alone and working.

Gallan was not completely isolated as she often exercised with other women and attended church services each week. An employee of the retirement home where Gallan lived said the woman was incredible, smart and humorous, keeping everyone around her on their toes. Gallan passed away in March of 2015 but left behind a legacy of strength and independence for other women to aspire to.

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