See How He Asked His Girlfriend For Months To Marry Him, But She Had No Idea He Was Doing It

When someone decides that they want to marry their significant other, they usually ask them once. However, Ray Smith had to ask his girlfriend to marry him 148 times. She finally said yes after the 148th time. Ray’s fiancee’, Claire, stated that she had no idea that her boyfriend was trying to propose.

Ray stated how he got a unique idea to propose to his girlfriend in a video that he made during summer 2015. Claire found out that she was pregnant in July 2015. Ray told her that he wanted to take pictures of her to keep track of the pregnancy. She agreed to let him take the photos.

In all of the photos, he had a card that said, “Will you marry me?” Claire did not find out that her boyfriend was trying to propose until Christmas 2015. She said yes without even thinking about it. She stated that she got emotional after she realized her boyfriend asked her to marry him, but she blamed the emotions on her pregnancy.

Ray created a video of the photos documenting all of the times he tried to propose to his girlfriend. The video has been viewed over two million times on YouTube.

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