Young Girl Sings A Dolly Parton Classic While Playing Guitar, Truly Amazing

The Voice Kids is a show where judges try to find the best talent. Instead of adults, the people who try out are children and teenagers. Some of them dance, others perform tricks. There are also some who sing songs. One young girl tried her hand at a Dolly Parton song, and when she opened her mouth, the audience was stunned.

She walked out onto the stage, and all she had was a guitar. She begins to sing I Will Always Love You. This is a song that is sometimes hard to perform by adults who have been singing for years.

Not even 10 seconds passed before two of the judges hit their buzzers and turned around to see who was behind the voice. Only a few moments after the first two, the final judges turn around to see the young girl.

Everyone is silent as the girl finishes the song. She doesn’t seem to have any fears of being on stage. She is able to hit all of the high notes and carry a beautiful tune while singing. Needless to say, she had some offers as to who wanted her on their team. She made it far in the competition with her stunning voice.

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