When They Were Looking At Their First Ultra Sound, Even Nurses Were Shocked With What It Showed

Even before she was born, Penelope had starred in a viral video. Her parents went in for a routine 14-week checkup that included an ultrasound of the little one. During the ultrasound, her parents started to sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” – of course they weren’t expecting any kind of response…

The average baby won’t move a muscle during an ultrasound, but TINY Penelope was no ordinary baby … she started to move her body to the rhythm of the song as her parents sang, and she even clapped her hands along with them.

The intrigue still doesn’t end there. Grandma Millie is Penelope’s 92 year-old grandmother, who had been terminally ill throughout the pregnancy. When the mother gave birth to Penelope, no one expected Millie to make it long enough to see her granddaughter, but the 92 year-old persevered and miraculously, grandmother was able to meet granddaughter. Then she died, of course. Soon afterwards.

This unlikely meeting was, of course, captured on camera. It’s not difficult to see Grandma Millie’s adoration for her little granddaughter. You can even see Penelope’s wonderment. What’s next for Penelope?

We’ll have to wait a few years to see. If Penelope launches a singing or dancing career. She has certainly already proved herself a talented womb-dancer… If that isn’t a springboard for a successful performing career, I don’t know what is. We’ll see how this young star’s life and legacy unfold. We’ll all be rooting for you P! And praying that you don’t disappoint us…

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