When Parents Aren’t There To Help, Former Student Dedicates Time To Make Them Feel Loved

When John Hunt started college, his experience moving into his dorm was a bit different from most of his fellow freshmen. While many students arrived on campus with their families to help them, because he was a foster child with both of his parents in prison, Hunt had to move into his dorm room alone.

This made him feel lonely and isolated, and he vowed that he would do something to help other incoming freshman who, like him, did not have a family to help them. He then created an organization called Renaissance Scholars, and its mission is to provide a support network on campus for new university students who, for whatever reason, don’t enjoy the support of a traditional family.

Major corporation Kleenex then got involved. Working with Hunt and his Renaissance Scholars, they began providing toiletries and essential living items to incoming freshman in the program. Furthermore, they helped Renaissance Scholars to do dorm makeovers for these deserving students.

As a result, when freshmen in the Renaissance Scholars arrive on campus at Fresno State University, they find a dorm room that’s custom-decorated for them along with enough basic supplies to last them for a while.

In conclusion, thanks to John Hunt and Kleenex, university life just became a lot less lonely for some students at Fresno State from non-traditional backgrounds, and Renaissance Scholars and Kleenex have created an organizational model that’s drawing a lot of positive attention around the country.

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