When He Told Me He Could Skin A Watermelon, I Laughed. Then He Showed Me This Video. MIND-BLOWN

If you’re looking to impress your friends at your upcoming Labor Day party, watch this video and take notes. You’re about to learn how to de-shell a watermelon like a pro. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer is the brains behind this party trick – thank God for engineers!

Purchase two watermelons that are roughly the same size and shape. In one melon, make shallow slashes along the sides to remove the green skin. Be careful that the cuts don’t go too deep. When there is no more green rind left, continue making shallow slashes to remove all the white. When all that’s left is the red of the watermelon, use Scotch-Brite dish pads to buff out the melon and to give it a shine. Several minutes of polishing should leave the melon nice and smooth – just how we like ’em.

Cut the second watermelon in half and carve out both halves. Place the inside of the watermelon aside to eat later. Carefully get the buffed melon and slip it between the two previously emptied halves. And that is it! Congratulations! You have created a tasty and impressive party trick to astonish your friends and relatives with. After you smoothly pull that shiny watermelon out of it’s shell, you’re going to be the new watermelon king.

Since the rind of the melon has already been removed, cleanup afterwards is a snap. The melon can be eaten the traditional way as wedges, or you can slice it in the round for something different. If you and your friends are feeling like barbarians simply gouge out hunks of melon with your fingers for a tasty, end-of-summer treat.

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