What is the Age My Sister?

What is the Age My Sister?

There is a riddle that is stumping many people. The video asks how old is the woman’s sister. The riddle states that when the woman was four, her sister was half her age.

The last part of the riddle states that the woman is now 100-years-old. The question is, “How old is my sister?” The answer to the question is simple, and it is easy to overthink it.

If the sister was half the woman’s age, then she would have been two when her sister was four. The woman is now 100, so all you have to do is subtract two from 100. You will get 98. There have been some interesting answers to this riddle. While many people got it right, other people got answers that were way off. For example, one person stated that the woman’s sister would be 50-years-old.

It seemed as though that person was stumped by the fact that the riddle stated that when the woman was four, the sister was half her age. They divided 100 by two. This riddle has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook and Pinterest. People are encouraged to share this riddle with their friends to see what type of responses they will get.

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