We’ve Seen Few Take Downs Of Anti-Vaxxers As Good As John Olivers. Do You Agree With Him?

John Oliver, who is the host of “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, recently took a jab at anti-vaxxers. He talked about the fact that people who are against vaccines have recently received a stamp of approval from President Trump. He stated that it is unfortunate that despite the fact that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective, people are still skeptical about getting them.

John also played a clip of people who were skeptical about getting vaccines. He stated that any parent would be nervous if they did an internet search about vaccines. However, he stated that diseases that were once eradicated, such as the Measles, are now making a comeback because of the fact that people are not getting vaccinated.

Minnesota is one of the states with the lowest vaccination rates. The state also experienced a Measles outbreak. John understands that getting a vaccine can be a terrifying thing. However, he also noted that every medical practice can be scary.

John noted that there are many prominent people who are spreading the anti-vaccine message. This includes people like Robert Schneider, Alex Jones and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He also stated that people who are on the fence do not receive enough criticism.

There are few people who are totally against vaccines. However, there are many people who are skeptical about them. Many people are concerned about the thimerosal in vaccines. They believe that it can cause autism, but many studies have debunked that myth.

John stated that correlation does not imply causation. He also stated that the more time people spend trying to prove that vaccines cause autism, the less time people spend researching treatments and actual causes. He believes that it is a waste of time and money.

John ended his rant by reiterating that you cannot believe everything that you read on the Internet. Just because you see something on a meme, does not mean that it is a fact.

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