VIDOE: Make These Adorable DIY Gift Boxes, From A Household Item You Frequently Throw Away

Most people just throw away toilet paper rolls when they are used up. But believe it or not, those little cardboard tubes can serve another useful purpose. They can be turned into a unique gift box.

The problem usually arises with people who have purchased a wonderful little gift and feel they don’t have anything appropriate to wrap it in. It doesn’t have to be that way thanks to used toilet paper rolls. Turning them into a gift box is simple. First, press the roll flat. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with the spine of a book, which helps give you a nice flat edge to the cardboard.

The next step is to fold the edges to form a rounded edge on each side. Once that is done, put decorative wrapping or colorful ribbon over the body of the roll. This covers up any markings that could identify it as a used toilet paper roll.

You can secure the wrapping paper with tape or, if you desire a more professional look, use a hot glue gun. After that, stick your gift inside, with some tissue paper to cushion it from any possible damage, and seal it up with more wrapping paper. Feel free to top off this DIY gift box with a decorative bow.

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