VIDEO: You’ll Be Speechless When You Can See What He Can Do With A Piece Of Paper. OMG!

This DIY 3D star will be a great decoration for your New Year’s gathering. To start you will need to gather paper and scissors. Try to go with the colors you have themed your decorations around. The sizes can vary, but we are going to start with a 20×20 centimeter square.

Carefully fold it in half long ways, making a crease. Then unfold it turn the paper and fold again making another crease. After you have folded both sides long ways you should have lines in the shape of a cross.

You then need to fold it diagonally both ways. When finish you should be able to see all the lines very well. Take your bottom right corner and fold it up until you have a point in your bottom left corner.

While still folded make a crease up to where the diagonal lines meet. Open and draw a line where your crease ends. Do this on all the sides, when you have it open and laid out it should look the same as before just with 4 marks.

Take the scissors cutting up to each mark. Once cut, fold in all the corners making a point on each side. You then will glue the top of each right flap on all four sides, then, stick the left side over the right and hold in place. This is the first side of your star. Do the exact same with another paper and glue them together. You now have a star.

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