VIDEO: You Have To See Why She Is Flashing Everyone, It Took Me By Complete Surprise

Brest cancer knows no geographic or social-graphic boundaries, it is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women worldwide and is the principle cause of cancer related death in women globally.

It is estimated that more than 500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 100 die each day in the United States alone. October is breast cancer awareness month, which attempts to tell people the facts about breast cancer and how to detect it. One young lady from Delhi India has come up with a truly unique way to draw attention to the cause.

The plan is simple, walk around in populated areas and inform people about breast cancer; but getting people to listen long enough is harder than it sounds. But this lady has found a gimmick that is a home run.

While walking around town in what seems to be nothing but a bath robe, she indiscriminately opens her robe in a ‘flasher’ style motion. What’s underneath that robe? Is she just walking around flashing everyone all day? No, opening the robe she reveals her shirt that states “Big or Small, Save Them All” along with the international breast cancer pink colored ribbon.

False advertising? Misleading actions? No, just a well though out plan to get the vast majority of people’s attention. Well played young lady, well played.

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