VIDEO: When You See Who This Dog And Owner Are Terrified Of, You’ll Lose Your Composure…

In the cutest television ad to be on the airwaves at the moment, we meet a new doggie friend named Harvey. Now, Harvey is a very resourceful dog, and he knows exactly what he wants in life. What he wants at the moment is the dog that he has fallen madly in love with.

This object of his affections is a poodie named Harmony. Harvey has one major problem, he must convince his owner to allow Harmony to come and live with him. Hey, you thought it was difficult to ask a significant other to move in with you as a human being, imagine being a dog.

Harvey and Harmony are hard to separate. They really complete each other and tell the tale of a true love story. Being that they are both dogs though, Harvey has to do all that he can think of to convince his owner to allow this to happen. As you watch the ad you are sure to think that it is really quite cute. You are going to be hoping that the owner will allow this true love to blossom.

Basically, you will find yourself rooting for Harvey all the way. Animals in television advertising is nothing new of course. What is particularly unique is just how well this particular story was put together, and how the makers of this commercial knew how to hit all the right buttons. Sit back and enjoy this short little love tale the next time you happen to catch it on TV.

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