VIDEO: When You Mix Shaving Cream And Glue Something AWESOME Happens!

In an article posted on the website, Ashley Rego shares a way to make a craft paint she calls “Puff Paint.” She recommends it for children and those interested in homemade projects.

The paint will inflate into a thick, gooey medium suitable for many types of artistic efforts.This video from YouTube demonstrates how to formulate the paint. It involves three basic ingredients: commercial shaving cream, standard liquid glue and coloring.

The paint can be created easily by mixing equal quantities of shaving cream and glue in a bowl and stirring. The mixture will immediately inflate into a substance that resembles whipped cream. Then just add a few drops of either food dye or standard craft paint to create color! Individual colors should be mixed and stored separately.

The Puff Paint requires storage to prevent it from drying out. It can be kept easily in a plastic zip back or an empty Elmer’s glue bottle. When the paint is used, it appears much thicker than most other types of paint; it forms elevated foamy ridges of color which will eventually dry and harden. This makes for an excellent, fun paint to utilize in a variety of craft projects.

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