VIDEO: When They Started Singing I Was Confused, Then I Realized Why I Started Cracking Up

The Meeks were being asked about when they were going to be having children, and they were saying to everyone who asked that it just wasn’t that time for them yet. However, this was not exactly true.

They found a creative way to break the news about their pregnancy, rapping to the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song. They basically change up the lyrics and keep the same rhythm and beat, transforming it into a rap about how they are going to be parents.

They do a great job with the song, rapping about how they had moved into a house, and their parents were asking them when they were going to be having children. As in the original song, they told “one little lie,” and said that they were not having them yet, but the truth is that they were. She raps about how she found out she was late, and now there are going to be three of them.

This was such a great way to break the news to their families that they were going to be having a baby. It was so creative, and it will definitely be something that the family will remember. They must have put a good amount of effort into this, and it probably made the moment even more special. While it would already have been a great moment for the family, finding out about the new addition, this just made it all the more memorable for everyone who was involved.

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