VIDEO: When His Buddy Died, He Did Something That Broke My Heart Into A Million Pieces

This is by far one of the saddest animal video’s ever. It shows a little dog who has witnessed his friend being hit and killed by a car. While bystanders do nothing but tape this sad scene the little dog try’s everything in his power to get his friend to get back up and out of harms way.

However, nothing he does will make his friend wake up. Barking at people for help, he often stands over the top of his dead friend and does everything possible to make some one understand that he needs help.

Again people just continue to drive by him, ignoring his desperation and leaving him to suffer alone. At the end of the video the little dog is still refusing to give up hope, he continues to paw at and lick his friend, begging and pleading for him to get up.

If you are looking for a video that proves that dogs can love each other just like humans do, this is the one for you. But because of the heart breaking sadness, be warned that if you have a heart this will make you cry.

In this video there is no happiness o be found for the little dog, all he knows is sorrow and confusion. Here is proof beyond any doubt that dogs love not only humans, but other animals as well and will do whatever it takes to try and get help for those they love. Be prepared to cry as you watch how people ignore this poor little guy as he calls for help.

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