VIDEO: When Grandmother Found Out The Gender Of Her Grandchild, Her Reaction Left Me Cracking Up

Most grandparents enjoy learning that there is a new baby on the way. It’s a new baby to spoil, hold and cherish in life. One grandmother was excited to find out that she was going to be a grandma, but she was even more excited when she found out the gender of the baby.

The child of the grandmother wanted to give her a surprise on her birthday, so she let her know that the bay was a girl. The daughter gave her mother a card. She didn’t think anything about it other than it was a beautiful birthday card.

She starts reading the card, tickled through the process. Her daughter is talking in the background, waiting on her mother to finish reading. The mother tells her daughter thank you and proceeds to look at another card that was underneath the first one.

This is the card that reveals the gender of the baby. When she finds out that the baby is a girl, she yells and falls back on the bed. She is completely excited that the baby is a girl, and the parents celebrate in her joy and excitement. The mother jumps in the room and is completely surprised at the news.

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