VIDEO: What Happens When You Blind A Child And Ask Them To Find Mommy? AMAZING!

Pandora is a jewelry manufacturer who is starting a campaign encouraging people to “celebrate the woman in your heart.” however, while many people may think that this refers to love between couples, it can also refer to love for a woman who plays another role in your life. They set up an experiment to express how unique women are, to the point where their children recognize them by more than just their appearance.

The result is heartwarming. What they did was have an intern meet with six women and their children. With their permission, the intern blindfolded all of their children, and then had the women stand together in a group. The children were then guided towards the group of women, and they had to use their intuition and senses, other than sight, to find their own individual mothers.

These children were all aged 3 to 9, and everyone was touched to see that they were all able to find their mothers without using their eyes at all. It is truly touching to watch the video, and see the moment when they take off their blindfolds and are all looking at their own mothers.

A Huffington Post commenter spoke of her own reaction to this: “This made me realize how much kids pay attention to all kind of things we stop noticing as adults.” These children were going by smells, sounds, and textures rather than sight, showing just how strongly they are bonded to their own mothers and know them.

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