VIDEO: What Happens Right After He Hands His Buddy A Cell Phone Had My Heart Smiling!

A lot of people would believe that babies are completely undeveloped. It can be hard to imagine that a little baby, who can barely move around and cannot even talk yet, can have a mind of his or her own. However, it has been found that babies have a lot more going on in their brains then adults would typically give them credit for. For example, they tend to love music, finding music more engaging than speech on average.

The baby in this video seems to support the finding that babies love music. His uncle hands him a smartphone that is playing music, and he holds it for a little bit before he starts moving to the beat. After a few seconds, the baby put the phone down and continues to dance.

Of course, this little boy is lying on the floor, because he is apparently too young to get up and walk or even crawl, but he is definitely dancing, even if it is being done horizontally. What is impressive is that he is actually moving to the beach as well. He is moving his little arms and legs almost in perfect synchronization with the song, and he’s clearly enjoying himself as well, as is shown by the huge smile on his face after he’s been doing this for a few seconds.

It is always fun to watch videos of adorable babies, and this video is no exception. It looks like this little boy is already a talented dancer.

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