VIDEO: Vet Reveals 8 Commons Signs Missed By An Owner That Your Pet Is Sick. I Had NO Idea. OMG

A YouTube video by veterinarian Dr. Andy offers tips that helps pet owners determine if their pets are in pain:

The first sign deals with cats and is focused on their coat. If it’s messy or greasy, that’s a sign that the cat is not grooming regularly, due to pain in the neck or back areas.

Next, dogs who suddenly become grumpier, which could be manifested by growling, snapping or cowering in a corner are in pain.

Rapid breathing that’s shallow is another clear sign that a pet is having physical troubles.

Changing a routine is another factor to consider when trying to determine if a pet is ailing. In this case, they may no longer jump up or follow a family member around, which could be the onset of something like arthritis.

If the pet is continually licking a specific area, it may be due to pain. That’s especially true if it’s a joint or an area where they have already received a wound.

A pet that’s constantly moving around may be attempting to mask pain or give some indication of that pain to their owner.

When a pet suddenly changes its mind about being picked up, it may be due to pain. This may result in the pet either crying, running away or even biting their owner.

Finally, housetraining accidents for older pets can be caused by pain, which may make them reluctant to “do their business.” Not doing it could lead to issues like constipation.

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