VIDEO: Two Apes Had Not Seen Their Rescuers In 12 Years. Then They Do This And I’m SPEECHLESS

There are two gorillas who were released to the wild about 12 years ago. These gorillas were raised from the time they were babies by a man in a group who wants to get more gorillas back to their natural environment.

These two gorillas have seemed to forget the kindness of this man, and they have paid him back in a way that is amazing and unexpected. The man who rescued the gorillas went to the woods to try to find them.

He, along with his daughter, explored the area until they did come across the animals. When they found them, they weren’t sure that the gorillas would remember who they were as it had been over a decade since the animals had seen the man and his daughter.

The gorillas were spotted in the tall grass along the bank of the river. They responded to the calls of the man who had rescued them. The gorillas seemed to give the man a hug as a greeting. They loved the man and his daughter, and wanted them to hold them back.

This is a bond between animals and humans that is like none other as gorillas commonly remember the people who have trained them.

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