VIDEO: Tired of Icy Windshields? This Trick Will Save You Loads of Frustration And Time!

As the remaining days on calendars dwindle, so too do the temperatures. When precipitation picks up during these colder temperatures, icing is bound to occur. While iced windows may not bother home owners, they can be quite a serious issue for motorists.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to de-icing windows that comes straight from a housewife. All that is required to make this anti-ice solution is a mundane spray bottle, like the kind commonly used to discipline unruly house cats or water your garden plants; and a 1:2 ratio mixture of regular water from the tap or a bottle and rubbing alcohol. Simply load your spray bottle with the mixture and spray over the iced windows.

The formed ice will skip the thawing step and practically evaporate in less than a minute’s time, freeing up a considerable amount of time that you may otherwise have spent chipping and scraping away at ice with a tool or straightedge. Rubbing alcohol is qualified as any alcohol with roughly 70% or more pure alcohol, separate from regular consumed alcohol due to the presence of poisonous additives which trigger upon ingestion.

While this trick obviously works with rubbing alcohol, you can try it with spirits that meet the same level of alcohol content if you happen to be without access to rubbing alcohol; while you should achieve the same results with high-proof liquor, you should also be aware that your windows may pick up the characteristic smell of whichever beverage you used to clean them.

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