VIDEO: This Pastor Claims We Should Murder All Those Who Are Different, His Reasoning Is Horrible

Faithful World Baptist Church’s Pastor, Stephen L. Anderson, believes that it is the government’s job to do away with the homosexual population. This belief stems from the existence of the AIDS virus. Anderson argues that since the homosexuals are responsible for the AIDS virus, eradication of their population will “cure” the world of this disease.

Moreover, he supports his statement with passages from Leviticus, one of the books from the Bible. Anderson followed his argument by stating that all homosexuals are pedophiles and not welcome in his church. After Anderson publicly expressed his beliefs on homosexuality, many pastors condemned his for his blatant hatred toward homosexuals.

While there is no question about his feelings toward homosexuality, he states that he didn’t always feel the say way about homosexuals. He claims that at the age of 17, he formed his views on the subject by reading the Bible cover to cover.

In addition, he is rumored to have gotten rid of a dog because he believed it to be a homosexual. To many, Anderson’s views seem to be contradictory with many benevolent bible verses (such as “Thou shalt not kill”), however, Anderson believes that homosexuality is a capital crime and the government should take action accordingly.

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