VIDEO: This Master Chef Is Given A Normal Tomato. What He Does With It Is AMAZING!!

There are some chefs who will go to the extreme in order to create a design with food. One master chef took an ordinary tomato, and he made a garnish that looks absolutely stunning.

When you watch a chef at work, it can be mesmerizing. Many of them take fresh ingredients and create something beautiful just for people who eat their food to enjoy looking at and then eating.

This chef has done several videos where he shows how he uses one of the sharpest knives in the world. He will use this knife to make things with food that you might not think are real. When he’s given a tomato in his most recent video, he starts to quickly slice it in a way that seems like something you might do in your own kitchen. The slices start to become so thin that they are like paper.

He is cutting this tomato so quickly that you can’t really see what he’s making until it’s done. This tomato garnish is added to sushi dishes that he serves. When he’s done slicing, he starts to arrange the tomato in a shape that looks like a fan. He turns and manipulates the slices so that they look like a circle before they are placed on the side of the dish.

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