VIDEO: This Grandma Is Lying In Bed All Alone. Then The Door Swings Open And The Tears Start

A high school graduation is supposed to be a happy occasion, but Taylor Thompson knew that without her grandmother there in the auditorium, it wouldn’t be the same. While Taylor’s elderly grandmother, Sharon, obviously wanted to attend, she could not because she was just starting to heal from her brain surgery. Besides the surgery, she also recently received a bone marrow transplant because of her leukemia. With all this going on, she couldn’t possibly make the trip from Houston to Wyoming to see Taylor in her cap and gown.

However, Taylor had a plan. Since her grandmother couldn’t do all that traveling, why not make the trip herself? This was a surprise that Taylor knew would mean the world to her grandmother.

Taylor even said, “I’m thrilled. I almost started crying on the way over here.” As the graduation ceremony went on, Sharon sat alone in her hospital room watching a live feed of it. Then, right when Taylor’s name was being called, her hospital door bust open. It was Taylor, which of course caused happy tears and a lot of joy to commence.

This is definitely a touching moment. Taylor knew that her grandmother wanted to see her graduate and that she would be there if she could. This young lady decided to give up actually being at her graduation ceremony to see a woman who meant the world to her. This was truly a selfless act on Taylor’s part and a day that both parties will always cherish.

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