VIDEO: This Elderly Couple Takes The Dance Floor, Then SHOCK Everyone! Wow!

Do have the dance moves to challenge this cute swinging older couple? You probably don’t have the moves, and you aren’t alone. This couple stuns the crowd, and video of their night out has stunned the internet. They also came dressed to kill. They have style for miles and miles.

Masters of swing pulling out all of the stops, couples dancing on the floor allow them plenty of space. Everyone else dancing looks robotic in comparison. The cute couple spins with grace.

They break out into their own solo grooves again while perfectly complimenting each other. The man pauses every once in a while to show off his advanced moves, and draws cheers from the adoring crowd. He drops to the floor over and over, always bounces back upright, and their moves suddenly sync into perfect harmony. They swirl and jig, link hands and glide on their feet.

As the dance goes on, couples tire out in the background. The few left standing look like silly amateurs paired against our master swing dancers. The man steps up his solo moves as his partner plays the role of comic relief trying to keep him at least a little under control. Her white dresses flares around. His dancing shoes shine the floor.

Before long our couple are the only people left dancing. The announcer honors them, but they don’t stop. The man does a split, almost loses control, but leaps back to his feet. The crowd cheers again. It’s heartwarming to know a style of dance so wildly popular for the World War Two generation has not been lost.

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