VIDEO: This Dog Escapes Everyday, But The Reason Will Take Your Breath Away. WOW!

When animals escape from their pens there is often a reason. It can be something as simple as food, chasing the mail man, or just seeing the world. When this little puppy started escaping however the owner’s had no idea why. A small puppy escaped from its home every day to visit a special friend.

This little puppy escaped every day to go and visit his special friend, a Clydesdale horse. Strange animal pairings are not wholly uncommon and these two pals prove that they can be exceedingly adorable. The pair met every day and spent time together playing, being buds, and just having fun.

This pairing, though it may seem very strange, were actually very good for one another. The puppy escaped and ran from his family every day to go see the horse and this just shows that love knows no bounds. The puppy, who was part of a puppy adoption facility and rescue often escapes every day to go and see his horse friend.

Though it would seem that a puppy could be easily kept from a horse, video shows the horse running to keep up with the puppy when he is adopted. This heartwarming video is sure to bring a tear to your eye and make you believe that animals really do have similar feelings to humans. Animal stories are always heartwarming and this story is no different.

This is a super cute video and is sure to warm your heart and make you smile no matter what.

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