VIDEO: This Barn Seemed Ordinary Until He Pressed THIS Button. AMAZING!

Ross and Sally Russell made a choice one day to retire, so that they would be able to “grow food, entertain and enjoy the landscape.” Ross Russell worked with his old friend, architect Alex De Rijke over the course of about a year to design the home of his dreams. The home looks quite a bit like a barn in terms of shape, but if you really look at the structure, it is very far from being just a barn or even just a simple home in the country.

The home is made up of three distinct pieces; these are the house, the guest annex, and the garage. The front wall of the house is basically all glass windows.

However, even though this may sound extremely unique, there is more. If you turn on a special motor that is not visible to most people who see the house, you will be surprised to see that the walls are moving and uncovering a gorgeous structure underneath. The removal of the outside of the house will make visible the windowed walls; this part of the house is completely covered in glass. Also, a roof terrace becomes visible.

There are a lot of people who want to build their dream homes, and Ross was finally able to do so. This was a quaint country home, but it can also adapt to what people in the house want and need. The unique design of the house makes it a place that Ross loves dearly.

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