VIDEO: They Thought She Was A Giant Joke When She Stepped On Stage. Then THIS Happened

A 71-year-old woman surprised judges for the British television show, “Britain’s Got Talent” with her ability to sing the blues.

When the woman, Kelly Fox, first came out, one of the judges appeared to be dismissive of her attempt. Simon Cowell, who was known to American television audiences for his caustic comments on American Idol, could be heard saying, “Give me a break.”

The Lancashire, England native, who’s married with four children, chhoses her audition to perform a racy song about infidelity, titled, “Kiss My Ass.” The crowd and some of the judges proceed to give her a standing ovation at the conclusion of the song.

Each of the judges then comments on Fox’s performance, including Cowell, who offers her high praise by saying that he’ll remember her. The two women on the panel talk about her soul and sex appeal and her choice of the song, which one says is something that every woman needs the song in their life.

After all four judges give her a positive review, Fox walks off stage and meets her husband, with the two shown chatting about family that had seen her performance. After seeing it, the family members contacted the husband by text message to praise Fox’s effort.

Fox’s performance was very much like Susan Boyle’s April 2009 audition on the show, where she sang, “I Dreamed a Dream.” When Boyle came out, her appearance and personality originally turned off Cowell and some of the crowd. That changed when she began singing.

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