VIDEO: They Surround A Fire With A Bunch Of Fans. What Happens When They Are Turned On Is Stunning

A lot of people are absolutely mesmerized by fire, and it is not too hard to understand why. It seems to have a life of its own, especially when you are looking at a large fire. It can be so destructive when it is not controlled, but when it is in a controlled environment, it can simply be beautiful. There are also all sorts of beautiful and amazing effects that can be achieved using fire.

The people at Unallocated Space seem to really like fire, and they have created a fascinating effect using 12 fans and a fire pit. What happens when they turn all of the fans on surrounding the fire is what they refer to as a “fire tornado.” This is definitely a fitting name given the appearance of what happens when the fans are blasting around the roaring fire.

The fire is beautiful and powerful in all its glory. When the fans turn on, the fire appears to be rotating and swirling. It is stunning how this happens, and even if one does not understand the science behind this phenomenon, it is still incredibly cool to see.

They have worked on this for a while in order to perfect the way that it looks. Their effort has been well worth it, because they have created an incredibly impressive display. It is not the safest of tricks, because fire is deadly, but as long as they are careful, we’d love to see more of these tricks from them.

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