VIDEO: They Setup A Mirror Into His Enclosure. When I Saw His Reaction I Cracked Up!

Many people think of tigers as wild animals, but in many cases, their behavior has been shown to be very similar to that of house cats. They can be playful, as well as loving at times. If you have ever seen a common house pet, such as a cat or a dog, look into a mirror, you know that the reaction can be humorous. It is funny to see how they react to seeing themselves for the first time, sometimes not recognizing the animal in the mirror as themselves. The big cats in this video actually had a reaction not unlike the ones that have been seen in smaller domesticated house pets.

In the video, mirrors are put in front of a few different big cats, including cheetahs and tigers. These cats have definite reactions to the images of themselves, sometimes running away, sometimes becoming playful and wanting to play with the image in the mirror, and sometimes hiding.

In every case, the reaction is notable and quite entertaining to watch. It shows just how curious and inquisitive these large cats are, just like their smaller domesticated counterparts.

It is interesting to see how these cats react to images of themselves, given how much time they spend grooming themselves to make themselves look good. It is interesting that they spend this much time doing it when they have no reason to expect that they will ever be able to see the end result. However, when they do, it is great.

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