VIDEO: They Let The Dog Sit Up Front. What He Does Next Had Them Cracking Up

A lot of people assign human qualities to their pets. In fact, they say that they believe their pets are almost human in some ways. The dog in this video has a very human quality, in that he can actually carry on a conversation with people.

In the video, there are two men sitting in a car with the dog between them, and they are actually having a conversation in which the dog is participating actively. They start talking in English, and then they switch to French, and the dog is responding to what they are saying the whole time. This is absolutely adorable to watch, and it is fun and amazing to see that there is such a smart dog out there who can interact with people on a whole different level than what we see with most dogs.

The men and the dog seem to be enjoying each others company, and for good reason. Anyone would be entertained almost all the time to have a dog like this and be able to have conversations. If there is no other human around, you can just talk to the dog, and he will talk back.

The best part is that if this dog can do it, it is likely that other dogs can do it too. Perhaps, you can even train your own dog to do this, so that you can carry on conversations with your dog anytime you want. This would be a great way to spend your time.

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