VIDEO: They Have Two Heats, But What They Do Share Left Me Speechless

Jamuna and Ganga Mondal are very different from most pairs of sisters that you will see. You have probably heard of conjoined twins, but these two were actually conjoined at the abdomen. They have one stomach, three legs, and four arms. While it can be hard for sisters to share in normal circumstances, they have to share basically everything. They work in a traveling circus and are known as ‘The Spider Sisters.’

Their lives are full of obstacles that most people could not even imagine. They have to suffer everyday to do things that other people take for granted, including putting on clothes and walking. While most people also take the ability to enter into romantic relationships for granted, for these two, it didn’t seem that it was even going to be in the cards to have a relationship with a man. However, in a touching twist, they did find a man that they both love, and who loves them back.

Jasimuddin Ahmad met these two sisters and immediately felt drawn to them. They have a relationship that transcends their physical differences and focuses on a pure and unconditional love instead of the typical shallow concerns. He is not a wealthy man, but he does give the two sisters real love and everything that he has to offer from his heart.

It is heartwarming to see that these two sisters found the love they never thought they would find. It just goes to show that there is hope for everyone.

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