VIDEO: They Found This Old Footage From The 1945, What It Reveals Gave Me Chills

Footage was found from the 1940s, and the details on the film gave viewers a shock. This was footage that was taken in Berlin, featuring some of the devastation that the area saw in 1945.

It captures what happened right at the end of WWII. Germany was trying to rebuild after years of chaos. The film is very clear considering the footage is decades old.

There are people seen walking on the sidewalks, some riding bikes in the streets. Buildings are torn down, and debris lines the sidewalks. There are so many of the buildings with the fronts gone. It looks like some of the buildings have been burned on the front while others have simply been blown to pieces.

There is footage of a line of people sending buckets of water from one area to the top of a building while standing on rubble Buses continue to take people to their destinations amidst the torn buildings in the background.

Many of the women are seen doing the work that men should have done, but the men seem to be walking around like nothing has happened. Officials stand on steps, pointing at the city and the damage that has been done during a time of pain and sorrow.

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