VIDEO: These Cubs Are Being Introduced Back To The Pride, But Watch What The Lion King Does

If you have ever seen a lion at the zoo, you know how large and powerful they are. An adult male lion can weigh between 260 and 420 pounds. They are seen as the kings of the jungle for a reason. For this reason, lionesses who have just given birth are often terrified to introduce their new cubs to the males of the pride.

The survival rate of a new male lion cub is only one in eight, because kings of the pride can be brutal with these cubs. Male lions who believe that the cubs are not their own have often killed these innocent cubs. Their mothers can do nothing about it when it happens, other than watch their cubs die. For this reason, they are often nervous to bring them to the males of the pride, but it is what they have to do at some point.

In this video, a male lion meets a litter of cubs. Their mother is looking on nervously as he is making his decision about them. However, in this case, she has nothing to worry about, because he obviously accepts the cubs into the pride.

He plays with them for a little while, sometimes appearing aggressive. he does appear to be snarling, but he is not vicious towards the cubs at all. It is obvious that he could easily hurt or even kill them with little effort, and since he is not doing that, he has shown his acceptance and perhaps love.

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