VIDEO: Their Life Was Perfect When Her Son Was Born. 98 Days Later, Everything Changed

So many people take life for granted. Your life can change in the blink of an eye, when you least expect it. These life changing events are not predictable. When the Haddock family was in a horrible car accident, their lives were forever changed. Although the mom was internally grieving the loss of her husband, she knew that she had to hold herself together to be able to think clearly in making the proper medical decisions to save the life of her son who was severely injured in the accident.

Although the mom had just experienced a life changing tragedy, she was aware of all of the people who were working tirelessly to save her son and not make the outcome of this accident even worse than it already was.

The mom remembered each and every person who was involved in her son’s care from the beginning to the end, and took the time to appreciate, and thank each and every single person who was there for her and her son in their time of need, and was able to provide her the support that she so desperately needed to assure that her son would survive from his injuries, and would come home with her after he was better.

Knowing that her son had survived the accident, gave her the strength that she needed to keep going, and help her to heal through the grieving process. Sometimes miracles can happen at the same time as a tragedy has just happened.

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