VIDEO: She’s Not Even 5 Years Old, But When The Music Starts, Nobody Expects THIS!

Parents enjoy seeing their children at dance recitals. They love seeing their children in the cute outfits and dancing on stage. A group of four year old girls recently did a dance to Stephen Sondheim song “Broadway Baby.” This is a song that is from a 1971 musical entitled “Follies.” It was extremely popular and won seven Tony Awards.

The little girl’s performance will probably go down as one of the most memorable renditions of the song. All of the girls in the video did an amazing job dancing. However, one of the girls decided to do something that would make herself stand out from the rest of the dancers.

The little girl disrupts the other dancers by creating her own moves. However, she seems to be very comfortable with herself by dancing like no one is watching. This is a moment that the little girl’s parents will likely remember forever. Most importantly, it looks like the little girl was having a lot of fun and enjoying herself.

The video of the little girl making up her own dance moves to song has been posted online. It has been viewed over 79,000 times. It has also been liked over 290,000 times on Facebook.

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