VIDEO: She Worked All Year To Win An Award At School, But Who She Gives Her Prize To? So Moving

When students in elementary school attend each day, it’s often a big deal as there are sicknesses in the schools and appointments that might not be able to be missed. This fourth-grader worked very hard to get perfect attendance. She wasn’t doing it for herself or her parents. She was doing it for her brother.

Each student in the school that got perfect attendance had an incentive. They would receive a new bike. The bikes are given to the school by a local business. There is an assembly held at the end of the school year to give the bikes to those who have perfect attendance. They also receive a certificate.

Each bike is picked based on the age of the student and the gender. Some are pink, and some are blue. This little girl already had made a plan with the principal to give her bike to her brother who is in first grade.

The boy’s birthday is in June, and the girl already had a bike, so she wanted her brother to have one as well. The little boy was thrilled with the new bike, and the company that gave the bikes to the children was so impressed with the girl’s thoughtfulness that they gave her a $100 gift card.

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