VIDEO: She Was Harassed For Wearing This Dress, What She Did Next Left Her Entire Town In Shock

Ever since she was old enough to attend school, Lindsey had been tormented by classmates for her size. The chubby 5-year-old grew to an even larger 12-year-old for whom doctors advised an eventual gastric bypass surgery. She was routinely picked on throughout school and on into adulthood, and when she reached the age of 25, she decided that it was finally time to have the surgery.

However, when she went to the doctor, she was told that surgery was not the right course for her. Instead, her doctor encouraged her to lose the weight naturally. Even though this was a very difficult thing to do, Lindsey spent the months ahead of her absolutely dedicated to the task of getting healthy.

As she toiled, she created a video record of her progress. After a lot of exercise, healthy eating habits and sheer determination, she was able to shed a whopping 300 pounds.

While the gastric bypass surgery has proven successful for some, others have suffered complications, and still others are ineligible for the surgery in the first place. Her story brings hope to those who don’t want the surgery or are unable to get it. With a lot of dedication, it is possible to get down to a healthy weight with diet, exercise and willpower.

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